Your business reflects your behaviour, so adopt a winner’s mindset!

At many businesses the quality of the team is a direct reflection of the mindset of the owner or manager. Your staff want the boss to be fair, organised, and most of all positive.

Nobody wants to have a critical, angry or uncaring boss. Sadly, good staff leave poor bosses and bad staff only stay because they can’t get a job elsewhere. Eventually the team is a reflection of the boss and the sales results are a reflection of the attitude of the team.

So are you a beacon of positivity, optimism and tough love? Does your behaviour really attract the best staff? If you are feeling depressed, angry or grumpy you can shift your mood by focussing on a positive future – getting clear on what you want to achieve – not those things that you want to avoid. Always start with Why? – think about your true Purpose – the real reason why you want to run a successful business. Making a dollar or making a difference to others?

It turns out that your mood affects the performance of the staff and your results. You can improve your mood by improving your diet (eat healthier) and doing some light exercise before work. A poor attitude can be turned around by asking yourself some re-focussing questions:

  • What’s working well for you? (Not the things that are wrong!)
  • What do you like about your work or life? (Not your problems)
  • What are you looking forward to? (Not the past)
  • What are your grateful for? (Not being ungrateful)
  • What can we do? (Not the things we can’t do)
  • What’s the next step? (Not just procrastinating)

Other things you can do to shift your attitude include: physical movement or walking, deep breathing, being grateful, repeating positive affirmations or “I am” statements, visualisation, meditation, playing your favourite music, talking to positive friends, listening to positive mental attitude PMA CDs (Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy etc), and having a goals focus.

Always set some future goals and have a personal plan and know what you want! Make sure you balance the stress in your life with regular de-stressing time – take a holiday, spend time alone (or on a hobby) or more time with positive friends and family.