Maximising the Specials Board

In some restaurants and bistros – selections from the specials board can make up to 50% of the total sales. You can make more profit and increase your GP% by encouraging your guests to buy from a selection of highly profitable special items.

Some Reasons why people chose from the specials board

  1. It’s Easy – A limited selection instead of the main menu
  2. It’s Different – for regulars – some people seek variety and something new
  3. It shows Effort – Perceived effort from the chef
  4. Could be Fresher – Perceived freshness of product
  5. It’s Value – It represents great perceived value for money

Some Reasons chefs use the specials board

  1. Disposal – Clean out the fridge
  2. Margin Boost – Got a great deal on some product

How to make more money from your specials Board

  • Choose High profitable, Highly Popular items to boost your GP
  • Better Signage – well written – chalkboard or textas
  • Better Display – lights or featured, readable and pictures
  • Digital Plasma TV boards with great descriptions and tempting pictures
  • Focus and attention – Waiter or table tents

Choose specials that are very good, High Margin, Popular and Different to the basic menu offering.

Some high margin suggestions include – Soups, Salads, Pastas, Breads, Chicken, Offal and Desserts