Genting Highlands Malaysia

Last month I travelled to Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia’s only Casino, built on the peak of a mountain with a magnificent view over Kuala Lumpur and it’s districts.

Transportation to the resort is approximately an hour by vehicle as well as a cable car, however, it’s a very windy and treacherous road in some parts, so if you suffer from car sickness you may want to try the cable car but if you do come by vehicle you must ask for an experienced Genting Highlands driver.

Upon arrival at one of the many entrances, the resort opens into a maze of corridors with signage taking you somewhere that at times leads you nowhere!

The casino floor is grand with ornate Chinese lanterns and gold gilt in the International room for silver and overseas players whereas the main casino is sectioned into themes; Hollywood, Monte Carlo and Circus Palace that are loud, brash and exciting.

With smoking being permitted inside along with the smoke blowing from the fires burning in Indonesia the air is thick both inside and out with a grey haze, the quality of air is very poor and for many tourists and locals the wearing of a face mask has become the “ordinary” even inside.

The caucophany of sound from slot machines, excitable onlookers cheering at the tables, background music and the Casino promotions team revving the guests into a frenzy to join the new game to win thousands of Ringgit, created a level of noise that made it impossible to have a conversation.

Always a “Mystery Shopper”, I became a member and was impressed to see a numbered ticketing system to assist the process, however, the process was longer than planned due to the ticket machine making a loud beeping sound. Of course I approached a near by staff member who had been standing beside it for 10 minutes listening to it beep loudly while watching people come up unable to collect a ticket to get into the queue just walk away. Of course I asked and he dutifully found a new roll of tape and inserted into the machine so it worked again. He was happy to assist but had no initiative to do this until I asked him.

The membership staff member went through all the correct ID procedures and then proudly announced I had three offers, the first being a complimentary one night stay at the resort, a ticket for the show in their auditorium and a 24 hour pass into the International room for silver tier and above only.

Unfortunately I was only visiting for a few hours so I could only take up the International room ticket and she was visibly disappointed when I couldn’t accept them but I was not able to verify with her if these tickets were just luck of the draw when I joined or was it because I was from overseas or that she thought I was a nice person! No matter what the reason it was a wonderful introductory to the resort and if I had more time I certainly would have taken up all three offers and spent a lot more than I had intended and money.

Venturing onto the main gaming floor I tried my luck at various machines until I saw a signing stating “First Casino in Asia to have 3D Sphinx Machines”, I followed the signage and found the bank of four where I waited patiently with the ever growing crowd. Eventually I had the opportunity to play and became immediately became entranced. Now I’ve never been known to play video games, but if this is an adult version then this machine has certainly made the smooth transition from childhood games to playing for real money.

For over an hour I sat playing and three times spun the 3 Sphinx feature. Each time the screen opened up into a 3D pathway over sand dunes, down the Nile and through villages to the Sphinx where I needed to place my hand onto the hand print to open the vault and to draw me into the 3D adventure. With a labyrinth of corridors, boulders rolling towards me, floors dropping away, swirling coins, stars and an occasional butterfly I was hooked. At the conclusion of the feature the gold coin effect was amazing and had players (and me) try to catch them. Honestly this style of console is very entrancing and it would be interesting to see if it was allowed in Australia, however, if it was you would want to be the first in Australia as it is certainly an attraction that players are prepared to spend time and money.

I tried hard to grab a photo, however, security were quick to be at my side to make sure that this didn’t occur. Sorry.

When I meet with you next ask me about what else I learned while in Malaysia from Genting Highlands as well as the international conference I attended on Qualitative Research and engaging the female market and the Muslim community, very enlightening.