Developing a great team culture

Building a high performance team

Apart from improving leadership skills, what else can you do to create a better team for your business? Let’s start by being absolutely crystal clear on your expectations.

Recently I visited the Singapore airport and found that airport management had installed a “house fly” target on every urinal in the men’s restrooms. This gave every man something to aim at and had noticeably improved results. Urine spillage had been reduced by more than 30%!

Give your staff something to aim at – agree on some reasonable outcomes and goals – Sales targets, GP$ targets or even wheel alignment targets. Provide regular feedback on your team targets.

Each staff member needs personal expectations too – you’ll need a clear job description – their role and responsibilities. Tell them exactly what you expect from them. Agree on some House Rules – especially about the things that cause the most problems e.g. – being on time, wearing uniforms, private use of phones, replacing paper, putting things in their place. You should also be clear on your code of conduct – expectations about safety, damage and behaviours. Documentation and pictures really help get the message across.